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Anthousa Castle
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The castle of Anthousa is located 3 km northwest of Parga, just outside the homonym the village. The castle is built on the top of a rocky outcrop and it provides  a spectacular view of the city of Parga and the Ionian Sea.



The castle of Anthousa, also known as the castle of Ali Pasha was built under the order of Ali Pasha in 1814. The castle was  Ali Pasha's army base  during the siege of the city of Parga. Over time the  castle manages to be maintained  in good condition except of some damages to the walls that were caused by physical factors.



The castle of  Anthousa exemplifies the style of the era. Designed by the  Italian engineer Monteleone, the castle possesses  high walls with ramparts.  The two bastions, located in the north entrance, were providing  maximum security to the army of Ali Pasha. The polygonal architecture synthesis resulted a  good panoramic view of the region.

The interior of the castle is kept almost intact. The visitor can see the underground tanks, compartments of the Guard and Ali Pasha, the ammunition depot, climb ramps. In the upper parts of the walls are kept origin English and Russian canons.