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Castle in Pente Pigadia
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The Castle is located in Pente Pigadia (Five Wells) of the Kleisouras community in Preveza. The castle and the surrounding area (within 100 meters around the castle) has been declared a historical monument in 1981, because of the great architectural and historical interest.


The castle was built in Pente Pigadia (Five Wells) in the early 19th century and follows the typical characteristics and principles of the military art of the era.

This technique is called "polygonal system" and includes the construction of several small sized forts, in such a distance between them, so that they can act autonomous and effectively cover a wider area of defense.


In the same area, a short distance from the first castle stands the second castle of Pente Pigadia. It is a smaller castle, built in early 19th century. It is built with two floors in a prominent baroque style that prevailed during that time in Western Europe, and overall is kept in very good condition.


The Pente Pigadia were freed from Turkish occupation during the First Balkan War (1912-1913) and this was the stage of the Battle of Pente Pigadia.

To be more precise, in October 1912, Esat Pasha whose operations center was in Pente Pigadia, attacked the Greek army with five battalions. After 7 days with nobody of the two opponents dominating, the Turkish forces withdrew their lines. The Greek army had a total of 26 casualties and 222 wounded men.



Contact information:

Provincial Road Neas Filippias - Pente Pigadia

Ziros 48200, Greece