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Agios Georgios Castle
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The Castle of St. George is located at the southern edge of the city of Preveza, at the Blue Beach. It represents  one of the many fortifications of the Ottoman Empire that are distributed in several places of the prefecture of Preveza.



The name of the castle was taken by the temple of Saint George that preexisted at the specific location. The castle is also known as Yeni Kale (New Castle). The castle was founded in the early 19th century by Ali Pasha in order to protect and control the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf. This castle is a part of an integrated management and control system of  Ali Pasha's territories . The rest of the defense infrastructures of the city built by Ali Pasha was the Pantokratoras castle and a wide moat that surrounds the old town of Preveza.

The castle was designed by the French colonel FF Guillaume de Vaudoncourt. The castle consists of an outer wall with ramparts that surrounds the interior courtyard. The 2 bastions, located at the North and at the South were providing maximum security to the castle. On the other side of the Amvrakikos Gulf was founded at the following year the castle of Actium.

Today, the outer wall and the 2 bastions stand still. Efforts are made by the local authorities for the integrated management of the 19th century cultural heritage of the city.