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Apollon Theater at Pyrgos
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The Apollo Theater is situated in the capital of the prefecture of Ilia Pyrgos. Its construction dates back to the late 19th century and more specifically 1878-1879.

The building itself is a typical example of neoclassical architecture of the era. The facade is decorated with marbles representations, consisting of marble capitals decorated with palmettes.


The construction of the theater was a donation by landowner Socrates Syllaidopoulous located in the homonymous street Syllaidopoulou, in downtown Pyrgos so that residents would have an easy access to it.

The theater replaced the first old tow theater, a luxury wooden building that was created by a greek-egyptian businessman and which for many years was covering the artistic needs of the citizens.


Besides theatrical performances, many different artistic and cultural events of the city were held here. However, due to lack of revenue of the municipality, the Apollo Theatre was abandoned in 1927 and the theater committee asked the city council to transfer all the events to the theater Kastorchi.

The transfer was achieved, but only a few months later the agreement was canceled due to a dispute with the mayor with the management committee of the Kastorchi theater.


Unfortunately, over the years the theater was abandoned once again around 1960. Twenty years had to pass (‘80s) in order to revive the interest for this neoclassical building. Thus, in 1990, the theater was renovated completely at the expense of owner Mr. John Latsis and could eventually be reopened in 1995.


This was the spark the city of Pyrgos was looking for, in order to revive again the main cultural and theatrical matters. Currently, four theater groups are operating in the city of Pyrgos, which organize various performances in the historical Apollo Theater, the most important artistic and cultural monument in the city of Pyrgos.

If you find yourself in Pyrgos, try to watch a show and you will definitely feel the value and history of this neoclassical building!




Contact information:

Sylaidopoulou Street

27100 Pyrgos