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Clock-bell of Nafpaktos
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The clock-bell of Nafpaktos is located in the second tier of the old town,  400 meters North of the harbor. It is an impressive monument of Greek architecture in modern times. Its privileged location provides to the visitors a panoramic view of the Gulf of Nafpaktos.



Although the clock-bell is located in the Byzantine fortress its building day was far later. Specifically, the construction began in 1914, sponsored by the Bishop Seraphim Domvoiti who was also the initiator. Today, the natives call the sound of the clock-bell with his name. The clock-bell was restored in 1991 and it is the most famous landmark of Lepando after the old harbor.



The clock-bell of Nafpaktos is a remarkable square cross-section building. Two distinct levels with great morphological differences can be observed. The lower level is the core of the monument where the 2 white plates of the clock are located. This particular solid construction built by stone does not host any openings on either side. Instead, the upper part of the building is bright with 4 semicircular arches made of bricks, one on each side. This is the place where the bell of the clock is located. The Regional Service of Modern Monuments and Constructions of the Ministry of Culture is in charge for the protection and promotion of the site.