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Municipal Theater of Patras
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The Municipal Theater "Apollon" of Patras is located at the square of King George the first and it is the oldest of the 3 remaining classical theatres in the country.



Responsible for the design and construction of the project was the famous German architect Ernst Ziller.  The specific blueprints are kept today in the public library of Patras. The theatre represents a faithful copy in a smaller scale of ‘La Scala di Milano’ and it reflects the economic prosperity of the city in the late 19th century. The Construction of the theatre began in 1871 and it was completed in less than a year.

The main financier and chairman of the committee of construction and decoration of the theatre was the German philhellene Theodore Amvourger. Theodore Amvourger, was a trader and a wine producer that moved to Patras in 1847. He managed in a short time to climb high in the hierarchy of the local community. The dozens of sponsors to the theatre came mainly from the rising bourgeoisie of Patras such as  George Rufus Mayor of Patras, Epaminondas Maximus, Triantis brothers, Panagiotis Gounaris etc.

The first play of the theatre was Verdi's "Un balo in Mashera" on October 10, 1872.



The theatre can be divided into the stage, the square and the loge. The square has 156 seats and in conjunction with the 53 loges, developed on 2 levels, the theatre can host up to 300 spectators. The stage of the theatre is bigger than 13 meters wide and 7 meters deep.

The luxurious and rich interior decoration of the theatre immediately impresses the visitor. Stone from Italy, balustrades and railings from England, marbles and other building materials from Livorno and Viennese statues are just some of the expensive materials used for decoration and composition of the inner space. In less than 30 years of its construction, the theatre was plugged with electric current.



Beyond the unparalleled aesthetic, the cultural contribution of the theatre in the city of Patras was rich and continuous. From the first year the residents of Patras had the opportunity to watch several plays composed by famous artists such as Verdi, Pacino, Apollonia Ntonitseli etc.

In the early 20th century large Greek theatre companies (Kotopouli, Cybele, Plessas etc) gave many performances at the stage of "Apollon". During the Carnival, balls and costume dances were held in the theatre. Since the second half of the 20th century, the theatre hosts the famous carnival dances "Bourboulia."

In modern times the theatre still has strong presence in the cultural life of the city. Since 1988 the theater "Apollon" hosts the newly created Municipal Regional Theatre of Patras. The Municipal Regional Theatre of Patras is a cultural organization with main object the promotion of the performative arts. The specific organization has participated with discrimination in local and international festivals.

Today, the "Apollon" theatre hosts regularly theatrical performances while also participates every year in the organization of the Carnival.


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