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The White Tower
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The White Tower, which rises on the beach of Thessaloniki is the most important monument - symbol of this city. The current name "White Tower¨ comes due to a prisoner who, to gain his freedom, painted the complete tower in white.

The tower is cylindrical with six (6) floors and a total of 33,9 m hight and 22,7 m diameter. The floors are connected together by a screw staircase adjacent to the outer wall. Thus, each floor has a room with 8,5 m diameter and smaller rooms inside. The sixth floor has only one room and an outside terrace has been created, offering a fantastic view over the bay of Thessaloniki.

The tower is said to be the south tower of the three that existed of the ocean wall, which was demolished in 1867. The exact date of construction of this tower Ottoman fortress is unknown, but it is almost certain that it was built in the late 15th century (1450-1480). In over 500 years of history, the White Tower was used as a fortress, a prison, a center for tranfering coalition troops as well as an air-defensive tower, as a depot of ancient relics and findings etc.

The White Tower was given to the State, after the liberation of Thessaloniki (1912) and now belongs to the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Greece. After its maintenance and restoration that was carried out in the year 1985, the tower was mainly an exhibition space, showing significant periods per art exhibitions.

From September 2008 and up until now, it houses an amazing permanent exhibition (450 sq.m), divided into all six levels of this monument, exclusively dedicated to the city of Thessaloniki. This report runs through the city's history from 315 BC until today, presented in the best and most modern way possible.

A presentation like that, could only be made possible with the aid of new technologies (projections, videos, slides, applications of images and sound), since the representation and narration of 2.300 years is not something simple or easy, especially not in such a limited exhibition space.

Detailed report on each floor of the exhbition in the White Tower.


Ground floor: Space and Time, Topic: The foundation of the city of Thessaloniki.

1st floor: Transformations, Topic: The urban development of the city and ist key infrastructures.

2nd floor: Monuments and History, Topic: The historical periods (Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, post-Byzantine)

3rd floor: Homeland of the People, Subject: The residents of the city (natives, refugees, Jews, etc.)

4th floor: On the Streets of Commerce, Topic: Trade & economy, its places and its products

5th floor: Combining business with pleasure, Topic: Intellectual, artistic and sporting life of the city.

6th floor: Tastes, Topic: Typical flavors of Thessaloniki through the diversity of its residents.



Opening hours:

Tuesday - Sunday, 8:30 a.m. - 3.00 pm



Nikis Avenue

54621 Thessaloniki

Tel: (+30) 2313 306400, (+30) 2310 267 832

Fax: (+30) 2310 838 597




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