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The historical mountain Zalogo is located 29 km northwest of Preveza, in the village Kamarina and has an altitude of 650 m.


Listening to the word Zalogo, our mind immediately travels to the time of Turkish occupation and the heroic dance of Zalogo, one of the most exciting events in the recent history of Greece.


Specifically, in December 1803, Ali Pasha of Ioannina signed an agreement with the inhabitants of Souli, so that they shall abandon Souli.

Citizens of Souli were divided into three groups fleeing from Souli. Ali Pasha though did not keep his word and ordered the immediate prosecution and killing of the citizens of Souli.


Only the team that went to the Zalogo Mountain escaped... temporarily. To escape persecution they barricaded themselves in the monastery, where they managed over two days (16 & 17 December) to resist the attacks of Ali Pasha’s soldiers.

On the third day though, they could not hold their position any longer. Several were captured, others surrendered and some managed to escape.

A single group of about 60 women with their infants and about 10 men were able to climb a nearby rock. There, in a heroic act, in order not to be captured, the women threw their babies and children off the cliff only after to throw themselves from the cliff, which is widely known as the "Stefani" (Crown).



The monument of Zalogo is located about 20 km from Preveza and the closest village is Kamarina. The monument is reachable through a 400 steps long path, starting from the Monastery of St. Demetrius.



This act of ultimate sacrifice for their country and the so-called “Dance of Zalogo” passed into history and were honored in 1961 with the inauguration of the famous monument of Zalogo, a work of Mr. George Zoggolopoulos and the architect Mr. Patroklos Karantinou.


The monument, which depicts six female figures hand in hand, is 18 meters long, 13 meters high and is coated with around 4,300 limestone blocks (50x30 cm). Access to the memorial is possible via 410 steps starting from the monastery of Agios Dimitrios.



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3ο km Kamarina - Kriopigi

48100 Kamarina, Preveza



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