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War Museum
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War Museum is located at the junction of Vasilissis Sofias avenue with Rizari street. At the same place was located a military unit during the interwar years.

The decision on the establishment of the museum was taken in 1964 in an attempt by the Greek state to honor those who fought for the freedom of Greece. The opening was made by the President Konstantinos Tsatsos and Minister of Defense Evangelos Averof on July 18 1975.

The purpose of the museum is to show the unity and historical continuity of Hellenism and stimulate the national memory through exposure to war relics as well as the documentation and study of the military history of Greece.

This building has a very unusual shape (the first floor is larger than the ground level), which makes it one of the most famous buildings in the city. Senior architect was professor Thoukydidis Valentis who was surrounded by a group of distinguished scientists.

The galleries of the museum present the Greek history from antiquity to today in four levels. The Museum hosts a number of temporary exhibitions, but there are permanent collections such as the collecting Saroglou, maps & engravings and the outdoor artillery.

Saroglou collection is placed on the ground floor and is one of the most important collections of weapons from around the world. In this room are exposed weapons from different periods and from around the world, especially rare and valuable. There is also a tribute to guns - jewels of the Greek revolution.

The collection of maps & engravings include maps depicting harbors, seas and coasts mainly of Greece  who also try to recount scenes of Greek mythology as well as historical events of the season.

Finally, outside the museum are  exposed very impressive aircraft and cannons of various types and ages.

Particularly impressive is the library, which hosts about 20,000 titles of books and publications as well as the convention center which among other things includes a well-equipped auditorium of 550 seats.

It is worth noting that this is the first museum of Athens, which was equipped with an amphitheater and conference rooms as well as in maintenance areas (has 5 laboratories) and log collection.

War Museum is therefore besides of a space maintenance / preservation of relics and organizing exhibitions, one area of ​​research, study and education.

Hours of operation:

Tuesday-Friday: 09:00-14:00

Sunday & National Holidays: 9:30 to 14:00

Closed on Monday

Tel: (+30) 210 7215035, (+30) 2107244464