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Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki
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The Archaeological Museum in Thessaloniki is located at the center of CBYT (Christian Brotherhood Youth Thessalonikis) square next to the site that hosts the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF). The museum could be fairly described as the National Archaeological Museum of Northern Greece since it has been the home for the archaeological finds all Macedonia and Thrace since its foundation.

The Museum had been hosted at several sites before finding a permanent house. Until 1925 the findings were gathered at the old Government House and the Ottoman School Idadie and later they used various rooms in Karabournaki, the Rotunda and the White Tower.

The new Archaeological Museum was built on a land, granted in 1950. The building was designed by the architect P. Karandinos. It was inaugurated in 1962 and this event was linked with the celebrations for the 50 years since the city’s liberation. It is a simple and functional building with two courtyards that offer plenty of light in all rooms of the museum. In 1980 there was a small-scaled expansion by Vogiatzis, while at the recent past and after a four-year period, during which a large-scaled project was carried, the museum opened its doors again to the public in September 2006.

Following a long period of extensive renovation and reorganization of both the exhibits and the storage and the administrative sections, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki reopened its gates to the public in September 2006. During the restoration phase, in conjunction with the extension of the Museum’s premises, the permanent collections were also redesigned and exhibited in a way that would serve the needs of modern visitors.
The Museum’s exhibition proposal comprises of eight units, through which the visitors come in contact with the world of ancient Macedonia, its culture and its people:
1.Prehistoric Macedonia
2.Towards the Birth of Cities
3.Macedonia form the 7th c. BC until the late antiquity
4.Thessaloniki, Metropolis of Macedonia
5.The Gold of Macedon
6.Macedonia: from fragments to pixels
7.Field-House-Garden –Grave
8.Memory in Stone
The Museum highlights various aspects of the culture that developed in Macedonia, primarily in Thessaloniki and the neighboring prefectures, covering a period from the dawn of prehistory to late antiquity.
The Museum organizes and presents the exhibitions in a completely human-centric way, representing the everyday lives of the people that used to inhabit this region of Greece.
The Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki is an institution that promotes culture, learning, education, science and communication. Within this framework the museum offers educational programs, presents periodic exhibitions inspired by themes both from the ancient and modern culture, supports archaeological research, and organizes themed workshops, lectures, seminars, and a variety of programs and events for all audiences.

By car
Parking parking near the Municipality of Thessaloniki, CBYT and TIF

By Bus
Lines 7, 10, 11, 12, 31, 39, 58 and the cultural line 50

Opening hours
Monday – Sunday: 9.00-16.00 (for more information about the visiting hours and for your convenience, please visit the official site of the Museum,

General admission: 6 €
Reduced: 3 € (for more than 65 years of EU countries and students from countries outside the EU )

Complete admission: 8 € (includes the Museum of Byzantine Culture)
Complete reduced: 4 €

Contact information
AddressManolis Andronikos 6, Thessaloniki
Tel.:  (+30)2313 310200
Fax:  (+30)2310 861306

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© Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki
© Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki
© Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki
© Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki
© Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki
© Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki
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