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Museum of the City of Athens
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The Museum of the City of Athens - Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation complex comprises two heritage 19th-century buildings which belonged to the Vouros and Eutaxias families. The older of the two buildings, known as the Old Palace, is a fine example of neoclassical architecture. It was used as the residence of King Otto and Queen Amalia between 1836 and 1842. The newer building, eclectic in style, is an exquisite example of a mid-nineteenth century bourgeois mansion and served as the residence of the Vouros and Eutaxias families.

The Museum of the City of Athens focuses on the modern history of Greece, with particular emphasis on Athens since the city became the capital of the Greek state. The Museums permanent exhibition includes items from the household of the first royal couple and pieces of furniture, paintings and other objects of the bourgeois Athenian families of Vouros and Eutaxias. The collection is continuously enriched with donations and acquisitions. The museum organizes exhibitions, seminars, workshops, lectures, musical events and educational activities.


Among the museums newest offerings is an interactive virtual three-dimensional tour of Athens based on a scale model of the city as it was in 1842. The scale model itself is based on the plans of the architect Ioannis Travlos and was created by maquette maker Nikos Gerasimov. Through 3D views and informative texts, the model allows visitors to learn about the history of the most interesting buildings of Athens, including ancient and Byzantine monuments and important public edifices, private residences, squares and streets of the city during Otto’s reign. The application will expand in the future to include all the buildings that appear on the scale model. The information is presented in Greek and English while the touchscreen technology allows visitors to access detailed information on the particular building they would like to focus on.


The Clio Muse application is an interactive educational tour guide bringing the Museum closer to the public. It was created by three young Greek entrepreneurs. Using smartphones or tablets, visitors choose the amount and type of information they want to access about selected items in the Museum’s collections, vote for their favorite exhibits and narratives and share their experiences with friends on social media.

The Museum of the City of Athens - Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation organizes exhibitions, lectures, book presentations and educational programs for children and teenagers. At the same time, the Museum is constantly progressing and innovating by adopting new applications to better support its educational role.

Address- 5-7 I. Paparrigopoulou St., 105 61 Klavthmonos Sq. – Athens

Opening hours- Monday to Friday: 09.00-16.00 (closed on Tuesdays), Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-15.00

Admission- €5,00 & concessions: €3,00

Tel.- +30-210-3231397, +30-210-3231387

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