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Falakro mountain stands at the central part of the prefecture of Drama and it is one of the highest mountains in Greece. Falakro is a popular winter destination for the citizens of Northern Greece.



Falakro mountain is the highest mountain in the region of Eastern Macedonia - Thrace with a maximum height of 2.232 meters at the top of the Prophet Elias. The area amounts to 500 square kilometers. At the West of Falakro is located the  mount Orvilos, at the East flows the river Nestos  and finally at the South lies the plain of Drama.

Geomorphologically, there are 3 distinguished  main blocks that compose the Falakro Mountain. The carbonate composition of the rock in conjunction with the  large rainfall led to the formation of various landforms. Among those are canyons, caves, karstic voids etc. At the foot of the mountain is located the impressive cave of Aggitis river.



The history of Falakro starts from the Palaeolithic era according to the archeological finds that were discovered in the cave of Aggitis river.

Throughout the centuries many settlements were founded  with most important the city of Drama, located at the southern foothills. During the Second World War the forts of the mountain were the defensive line of the Greek soldiers.


Flora and Fauna

More than 1/3 of the mountain is covered by forests and it is classified as a botanical paradise presenting  a strong biodiversity. Here live wolves, foxes, wild boars, deers, squirrels, eagles, falcons and bears. The forests consist of oaks, pines, birches etc. Finally, the wildflowers of the mountain were so important that led to the integration of the area to the European network NATURA 2000. The systematic counting of the species began in the middle of the last century.



Nowadays, the mountain is a popular tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty. The area is ideal for hiking and cycling in one of the many trails, rafting and kayaking on the river Nestos and Winter sports at the ski resort.

The ski resort was founded in 1980 and it islocated at the highest point of Falakro on the top of the Prophet Elias.