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Pierian Mountains
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Pierian mountains are  located in western Macedonia, North of the mountain of  Olympus. The mountainous forests impress their visitors with their unparalleled natural beauty.



Pierian Mountains is the physical boundary between the prefectures of Imathia, Pieria and Kozani. The highest peak is Flampouro at 1,878 meters above sea. Pierian mountains are crossed by rivers and streams that flow mainly in two directions: Thermaikos gulf at the East and Aliakmonas river at the North.

Between Pierian and Olympus mountains is formed the "Passage of Stone". It is a spectacular valley that crosses the street that leads from Elassona to Katerini.



According to Greek mythology the Pierian mountains were inhabited by the Pierides Muses who were enchanted by the natural landscape of the area.

During the Ottoman period a network of settlements was developed that flourished continuously. The most important villages were Ano Milia, Skoteina, Katafigi and Fteri. The specific settlements worked as a shelter  for the persecuted of the Ottoman regime. The villages were gradually abandoned until the Second World War.


Flora - Fauna

In Pieria mountains grow many forests from various species. The most popular species are oak, beech, pine and chestnut. In the upper parts of the mountain dominates alpine vegetation with vast meadows. On the banks of the rivers grow willows and sycamores.

In the lush forests of the area live  foxes, martens, wolves, squirrels, wild boars, deer, hares, partridges, quail, small raptors etc. Also, in the area have been recorded representatives of reptiles (snakes, turtles, lizards), amphibians and insects (butterflies, cicadas, etc.)



The large number of paths that cross the mountainous forests are  ideal for trekking and mountain biking. This position provides panoramic views of Mount Olympus, the valley of Katerini and Thermaikos Gulf.

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