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Aoos river
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Aoos river crosses northern Epirus and it ends at the Adriatic sea. Aoos river hosts rare species of plants and animals and it is surrounded by magnificent landscapes.



Aoos river  stems from the Pindus mountain range, just outside the village of Metsovo. In this area, the homonym artificial lake was created 30 years ago. The total length of the river is 260 km. 70 km belong to Greece while the remaining 190 km cross Albania. Aoos is the only river in Greece that ends in a foreign country.

Aoos river crosses the northern region of Zagori between Smolikas and Tymfi heading North-West. When the river reaches Konitsa, it is joined with the rivers Voidomatis and  Sarandaporos and it moves North toward the Albanian border. In Albanian territories, after crossing the gorge of Kleisoura and Tepeleni, ends at the Adriatic sea.

Main characteristic of the area is the intense geodiversity. Specifically, in the broader area, are located gorges, caves and potholes, steep cliffs, alpine lakes and plateaus.



There are 2 versions concerning the etymology of the name of the river. According to the first version, the etymology of the name comes from the Indo-European root 'ah' which means 'water'. In the second version, the name comes from the word 'Aos' which means 'East'.

The broader area of Aoos river flourished in the Byzantine-Post Byzantine period as documented by the great number of monasteries that are spread in the area. In modern Greek history, Aoos valley was a battlefield during the Balkan wars and during the Greco-Italian War.



Aoos river is the boundary for  two National Parks: Pindos National Park (Valia Calda) at the East and Vikos-Aoos National Park at the West.

In the area of ​​Vovousa grow mixed forests where pines coexist with  various species of oaks, beeches, bushes etc. These forests are the place of residence for  important representatives of mammals such as bears, wolves, foxes, lynx, wild boars, wild cats, etc. On the rocky shores of Aoos live otters.

The avifauna includes many species. Characteristic is the presence of large predators such as the golden eagle and the vulture. Finally, in the river swim several fish such as trout, Chondrostoma vardarensis, Alburnoides bipunctatus, Orthrias pindus and Pachychilon pictus.



Aoos river is offered for canoeing, kayaking and rafting, mountain biking and hiking at the signed paths and other outdoor activities.

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