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Spercheios River
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Spercheios river, also known as Alamana  crosses the largest part of Central Greece and ends in Maliakos bay. Apart from the enormous ecological value, Spercheios is very important for the irrigation of the plains of Lamia.



Spercheios river begins its journey at the eastern slopes of mount Tymfristos at an altitude of 2,000 meters.  The river is heading East, crosses the homonymous basin (Spercheios Valley) and forms a Delta just before it reaches the sea. The river is 80 km long. Its  main tributaries are Mavroneri,  Gorgopotamos and Asopos.

The rich sediments transported by Sperheios river from the crossing mountains of Central Greece in its long flow resulted in the increase of the plain of Lamia. In contrast, Maliakos bay continuously decreases both in area and in depth. A typical example is  Thermopylae, where in ancient times was a narrow passage. Today the area  is a large plain 4 km wide.


The Delta of Spercheios river creates a wetland of great ecological value that hosts many species of aquatic birds. Among them are included finches, magpies, moorhens, owls, etc. The biodiversity of the ecosystem increases with the seasonal influx of migratory species.

On the river grow willow clumps and planes. Shrubby vegetation dominates at the lower elevation areas.

In recent years, human activities have degraded the quality of the natural environment. The delta of the river was at times a garbage site while pesticides and herbicides used on farmland pollute Maliakos bay.