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Thermal Springs
Loutraki Thermal Springs
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Loutraki is a famous seaside spa town of the prefecture of Corinth. At the North of the town stand the Gerania mountains. The proximity of the spa with the Athens basin promoted Loutraki  to a popular tourist destination.


Thermal springs

The thermal springs of Loutraki gush at various points in the waterfront ending of  Gerania Mountains. The water of the springs during its journey in the gaps of the geological formations gets enriched with minerals and trace elements of  Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Bromine etc. The water temperature is kept constant at 30,40 C. These characteristics of the water contribute to the treatment of various diseases such as chronic rheumatism, arthritis, skin inflammation, back pain, psoriasis etc. Drinking water from the thermal springs helps fight kidney stones, digestive problems, gallstones etc.


The first reference of Loutraki thermal  springs was made by the ancient Greek historian Xenophon. The assumption that Sulla was healed by the water of Loutraki became known throughout the Roman empire giving prestige to the area.

The first municipal bath shop founded in the late 19th century, while in the 1940 was founded the first baths.



Today, Loutraki has evolved into a unique resort that offers a variety of tourist services. The region has developed a network of tourist services including hydrotherapy centers, SPA & Wellness centers, large hotels, casinos and other supportive services.

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Thermal springs