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Avel Monastery
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Avel Monastery is located at the mountainous village Vissani of Ioannina, close to the Albanian border. It is one of the many chapels, arranged around the village.



Avel Monastery took its name from its founder. According to a local inscription, the monastery was built and founded by Averi, a local landowner in 1770. Almost immediately the raids and looting of Turkalbanians destroyed the monastery. Before the end of the decade the monastery was rebuilt.  The wall paintings were assigned to the famous artists Michael and Constantine from the village Chionades.



Avel Monastery is just outside the Vissani village in a stunning natural landscape dominated by trees. The monastery, which survives to this day, is a single room basilica with narthex and tall dome. Concerning the interior decoration, parts of the excellent frescoes are preserved along with the gilded iconostasis.