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Monasteries of Kremasti and Sepetou
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The monasteries of Kremasti and Sepetou are geographically situated in the prefecture of Elis. There are Christian monuments devoted to Virgin Mary with common feature their  foundation in karst voids.

Monastery of Kremasti

The monastery of Kremasti was built in a cave and it is located 18 km East of the city of Pyrgos. According to tradition, the monastery was built in the 17th century in the cave where miraculously the icon of Virgin Mary  was hovering.

The monastery still operates to this day while during feast day (23 August) thousands of visitors are flocking. According to the last census the monastery hosts only 17 nuns.

The location of the monastery offers panoramic views of the stunning landscape of Erymanthos.

Monastery of Sepetou

The monastery of Sepetou was built in vertical slopes above the river Triton. According to tradition, the "Sepetos" comes from the Greek phrase "se peto" (I throw you) that said a woman while she was throwing her baby from an opening window of the monastery.

The monastery was founded in the mid 12th century and grew rapidly in the late Byzantine period. During the Turkish occupation, the monastery following the footsteps of the neighboring Arcadian monasteries, hosted the "Krifo Sxolio" (Secret school)  contributing to the education of the Greeks. During the Greek Revolution the monastery became a refuge for  the fighters.

In 1915, the day of the feast of the monastery, a fire broke out which destroyed almost all the Christian relics. The next year, the monastery was renovated while new decorations were added. The devastating fires of Elis in  2007 burned the courtyard of the monastery and tempered the natural landscape of the broader area.