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Did you feel the magic of the "Big Blue"?

Did you adore movies such as the "Beach"?

Have you been seduced by the underwater adventures and explorations of Jacques Yves Cousteau?

If so, you can experience such unique experiences in Agios Prokopios, Naxos.

In the shadow of Portara, the giant portal where the temple of Apollo was, where Zeus grew according to mythology, at the beach where Theseus abandoned Ariadne when he killed the Minotaur, in Agios Prokopios where is located the dive center «Blue Fin Divers Naxos Diving Center».

The «Blue Fin Divers Naxos Diving Center» was founded in Naxos from the professional diver  Panayotis Niflis in 2006 simultaneously with the lifting of the legal ban of scuba diving.

Throughout the Aegean region between Naxos and Paros island is a great destination for diving and exploring the underwater world with picturesque surroundings, crystal clear waters and stunning locations.

Stories that started as a "myth" and plenty of information from local fishermen gathered and confirmed by the «Blue Fin Divers Naxos Diving Center».

Waiting to be discovered  through underwater tour with unforgettable dives:

• The wreck of the cargo ship "Marianna" which sunk in 1982 during a severe storm.

• A German seaplane Arado type

• The bomber Beaufighter, which sank during the second World War.

Grab the opportunity and find out the secrets of diving at «Blue Fin Divers Naxos Diving Center».

Discover now the mystery of the underwater world!

Contact information
Contact: Panagiotis Niflis
AddressAgios Prokopios
Tel.:  (+30) 22850 42629, (+30) 693 7161226