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Water Sports
Sailing in the Small Cyclades
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The Small Cyclades is a group of small islands geographically situated between the islands of Naxos and Amorgos. The cluster includes the islands Donoussa, Irakleia Koufonisia and Schinoussa and a series of smaller uninhabited islands. The idyllic landscape of Small Cyclades is ideal for an unforgettable ride sailing. For sailing enthusiasts choose as a starting point Naxos and move on to Irakleia and the sheltered harbor of Agios Georgios. Walk in the beautiful Chora and taste the exquisite local delicacies. Then head east to the port of Schinoussa. The bay Mersini offers good shelter from the wind.

Next destination are the impressive islands Koufonisia offering a wide variety of dining and nightlife. The entire coastline of Small Cyclades is characterized by small picturesque bays with crystal clear waters that are worth a dip. When planning your trip, select Spring or Autumn to avoid the northern summer winds.