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Andromeda Yachting - Daily Cruise

The typical daily cruise departs from the seaport of Adamas in the morning, 10 am - 11 am, returning before sundown.

Andromeda makes a stop at the Sykia cave and then at Kleftiko, but also pass by Arkoudes and Cape Vani for a tour around the caves of the area in the rubber dinghy, swimming, snorkeling, or even scuba diving.

On the way back, we stop at the picturesque settlement of Embourios for dinner at the seaside taverna, before returning to our base across the bay in Adamas.

- Andromeda offers daily cruises in Milos Island from June 10 to September 30.
- The trip itinerary may be modified in case of inclement weather!

Sailboat Andromeda
The 60-footer, twin-propelled Andromeda carries a maximum passenger load of 49, and features a flat, wooden deck with a comfortable seating arrangement.

Having as a primary consideration the safe transportation and absolute satisfaction of our guests, we modify or even cancel the trip in case of inclement weather.

Reservations can be made in person only, in front of the boat every night up until about 11 pm, with a small deposit (up to half the total fare).
It is imperative for the trip to be confirmed and paid in full the night before sailing.
In case of cancellation due to inclement weather, guests are entitled to a refund, or booking seats for the next available cruise.

As an option, we may arrange for our guests short trekking trips of environmental or historical interest.

Approximate sailing and arrival times are 11 am and 7 pm respectively.

The boat can attend daily cruises but you can also hire the entire sailboat privately for a day, bareboat.


Contact information
AddressPort, Adamas
Tel.:   (+30) 694 4555593