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Archaeological Sites
Olympieion – Hadrian’s Arch
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The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion) is located on the east of Acropolis, facing the avenue of Vasilissis Amalias. Although the construction works began in the 6th century BC by Peisistratus, the project was finally completed about 650 years later by the Roman emperor Hadrian. The magnificent temple was of Corinthian order and consisted of 104 columns in total and each column was 17 meters high. Over the years, the temple has been abandoned and the building materials of it were used for the manufacture of lime. Today, only 16 columns of the total of 104 have been preserved and one of them is lying on the ground.

Just 100 meters northwest, in the perimeter of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, stands the imposing Hadrian’s Arch. The arch was built in 131 AD by the Athenians in honor of benefactor emperor Hadrian. The Arch is of Corinthian order as well, with a width of 18 meters. The arch set the boundary between the old Athens in the west and the new district in the east.

Useful information
Access to the archaeological site is possible from Avenue Vasilissis Olgas next to the tram stop 'Zappeio'. Also, in a walking distance from the entrance is the metro station 'Acropolis' (Makriyianni Street). The archaeological site can be visited daily from 8am to 3pm. ( tel : +30 210 9226330 ).

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