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The traditional dishes of the area include pumpkin pie with salty cheese, rice Sinope, pork with clams, pork with cabbage, pork with celery, tsigarides, stuffed cabbage, fried pork, onion, pasta, meatballs with leeks, lamb with spinach, carp tavas , apple pie, pomegranate molasses, saragli, custard, semolina halva with orange Revani, quince puree.

Local products that you can obtain during your visit in Kastoria are wild mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts, feta cheese, Gruyere, Parmesan, frumenty, pies, preserves, liqueurs, noodles, marshmallows, mints, gum, zacharostragala, wine , raki, etc.

Kastoria provides a great number of trails for hiking. The most popular are the tour of the lake, Grammos - Eptachori, Korissos - Kleisoyra, Ampelokipi - Militsa - Kostarazi - Vogatsiko - Germa, Poria - Chiliodendro - Tsakonas - Pentavryso - Omorfia - Ipsilo - Avgi.