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Spectacular events are organized in Xanthi throughout the year with most famous: the major Carnival of Xanthi and the Feasts of the Old Town. During the Carnival week, many musical and dancing events are arranged in the city and a big carnival parade is taking place on the last Sunday. The Feasts of the Old Town are organized every September and are actually linked to the Carnival. Celebration spots with food, drink and music are set in every corner of the Old Town, but the main reason for these celebration is to collect money for the preparation of the great Carnival.

The modern market is concentrated on 28th of October St and Demetrius St where you can find all the branded stores while the open market bazaar of Xanthi is hosted in Trade Square every Saturday.

Finally, before leaving from the city do not miss to buy the famous deserts Seker Parai and Kazan Deeby as a gift for your friends!