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Attractions you can visit on the island is the Ecclesiastical and Folklore Museum which is located in the village of Leipsoi. There you will see pictures of 16th-17th century, Crosses and vestments, costumes, household items and coins. Here, are hosted the Ionic capital and the lights of the third century. In town is also located a lending library by UNESCO.

Southeast of the village of Leipsoi, stands on a top of a hill the Castle. Here you will find remains of ancient buildings, blocks, stones, remains of fortification, etc. In Kouselio have been discovered remains of an ancient settlement such as tiles, shells. The island holds a Christian character  as documented by the large number of churches that exist here. Saint John the Evangelist is the largest church on the island. Other churches are Panagia Charos, Panagia in Kouselio, Agios Theologos,  Prophet Elias, and Agios Nicholas.