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Mainland of Greece
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Chalkidiki is a peninsula with a general direction North-South bordering at the West with Thermaikos Gulf and at the East with Strymon Gulf. To the south are created 3 separate peninsulas giving the characteristic shape of a trident. Kassandra is the western peninsula, followed by Sithonia in the center while the easternmost peninsula is the seat of the famous monastic state of Mount Athos. At Sigiticos Bay is located the beautiful island of Ammouliani. Capital of Chalkidiki is Poligiros which counts 11,000 residents.

According to Greek mythology, under Cassandra is buried giant Enceladus. Sithonia owes its name to the son of Poseidon, Sithon. Finally, the third peninsula was formed by the gigantic rock that threw giant Athos. The paleontological finds in the cave of Petralona testify that the area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era. At the end of the fifth century BC The area was thrived and was created a coalition of cities under the umbrella of Olynthus. The next years, the region was firstly conquered by the Spartans and finally became part of the Macedonian kingdom of Philip II. Then, the region passed to the Romans and gradually was declined. In the 10th century AD was founded the monastic state at the peninsula of Athos.