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Thrace, located at the North, is one of the most beautiful regions of Greece. Crossroad of East and West, Thrace holds magical images, flavors and fragrances that visitors should definitely experience. The physical boundaries of the area are the rivers Nestos and Evros that distinguish it respectively from Macedonia and Turkey. Thrace is bounded with Bulgaria at the North while at the South lies the Aegean Sea. Main morphological feature of Thrace is the mountain range of Rhodope that dominates the North. At the south are formed extensive plains that host the beautiful cities.

Visit Xanthi, Komotini and Alexandroupolis with their neoclassical mansions, the imposing religious monuments and the cobbled streets that will take you back in time. Meanwhile, eastern flavors, big bazaars and festivities are hallmarks of the region.

The magic of Thrace is not limited to culture and tradition. Natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty can be found in various places. The meanders of Nestos River, the lagoons in Porto Lagos and the Delta of Evros River are unique natural monuments that you should admire. Finally, the coastline at the south hosts spectacular beaches that will satisfy all tastes.