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Elatochori, Pieria
A few words
clear sky
Humidity: 45%
Clouds: 5%
Elatochori is situated in a beautiful location with a great view at the legendary mountain Olympus. In the broader area grow many forests from various species. The most popular species are oak, beech, pine and chestnut. In the upper parts of the mountain dominates alpine vegetation with vast meadows. On the banks of the rivers grow willows and sycamores. In the lush forests of the area live  foxes, martens, wolves, squirrels, wild boars, deer, hares, partridges, quail, small raptors etc. Also, in the area have been recorded representatives of reptiles (snakes, turtles, lizards), amphibians and insects (butterflies, cicadas, etc.).

Elatochori in Greek language means 'fir-village'. The specific name  was given to the settlement in 1929. The previous name of the village was Skouterna. During the Ottoman period was built the church of St. Nicholas. It is said that the money spent on the church, ended mysteriously to the hands of the locals.

Black page in the history of the village is the 27 January of 1944, when the Germans executed 32 villagers in retaliation against the Resistance during the Second World War. The new settlement of Elatochori was founded in the 1950's, because the population was growing and there was a risk of landslides. However nowadays, the old town is growing bigger because of the Ski Resort which opened in the 2001.