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In the broader area are located beautiful mountain villages that are ready to welcome you and provide you with all the amenities. Within the boundaries of the prefectures of Florina and Pella, between the lakes Vegoritida and Petron is the very beautiful village of Agios Panteleimon. The biggest village and capital of the municipality of Vegoritida is Arnissa. It is an ideal winter and summer destination for nature lovers.

The village has a traditional stone-built accommodation and many taverns with fireplace. In Arnissa are situated the church of the Holy Trinity, dates back to 1865, the Church of the Assumption and the chapel of Prophet Elias. Saint Athanasius village  is 15 km away from the ski resort. This settlement was built in 1981 by residents of the old Saint Athanasius. Though newly constructed, the settlement maintains the traditional architecture of the area. The second larger settlement is Panagitsa. The gliding center that exists in the village is a popular attraction. At the foot of the mountain are located Pozar spas with waterfalls, trees and springs.

The mountainous Kerasia is located near Karidia,17 km away from the ski resort. One of the prettiest villages is Karidia. Here, prevails a strong element of traditional architecture since the buildings are made of stone and wood, especially walnut. The name of the village comes from Captain Agra while previously it was called Techovo. Perea is located at an altitude of 600 meters. Here, take part many cultural and folklore events that maintain a strong Asia Minor character.

Twenty kilometers away from the ski center is located the village Xanthogeia. The village has a wonderful view of the lake Vegoritida and Kaimaktsalan. You can walk on streets, admiring the beauty of the village and the landscape that unfolds in front of you and drink cool water from the fountains. Zervi is a small village, very popular among fans of extreme sports. Here, are placed a motocross track and a special place for paragliding or gliding.