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Mountainous Nafpaktia
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broken clouds
Humidity: 77%
Clouds: 68%
The landscape is dominated by high mountains, verdant ravines, gorges and rivers. The breathtaking scenery is characterized by unique forests of firs, beeches, cedars, sycamores and chestnut oaks. Concerning the fauna of the area you can find large and small mammals (foxes , deer, wild boars, wolves, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets, badgers) a great variety of birds (partridges, vultures, eagles) and  reptiles (turtles, whip snake and Vipers). The river of Evinos hosts various fishes that include among others trout, otters and eels.

The archaeological findings of the area testify the inhabitation since the prehistoric era. Throughout Mountainous Nafpaktia have been discovered tombs and walls hidden in the wild nature that reaffirm the ancient civilizations. Over the centuries, the region has offered shelter many times to the Greeks who needed coverage by the Turks and the Germans.

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