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In Voidomatis valley are located the villages Megalo Papigo, Small Papigo Aristi, Vikos, Agios Minas and Mesovouni. In Megalo Papigo are situated many churches. In Mikro Papigo are paths that lead to the Mount Tymfi and the Astraka shelter. The main village of the West Zagori region is Aristi. Here you will see the Church of the Assumption and the Monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa dating back to 1579.

In East Zagori region are located the villages Greveniti, Elatochori, Makrino, Flabourari, Tristeno, Anthrakitis, Karies, Doliani, Kavalari, Vovousa, Demati, Itea, and Petra. Vovousa is 77 kilometers away from the city of  Ioannina. The village is crossed by Aoos river. North of the city of Ioannina is located the Central Zagori region. This region includes the villages Vitsa, Monodendri, Vrisohori, Iliohori, Laista, Kipoi, Dilofo, Aspraggeli, Koukouli, Kapesovo, Tsepelovo, Skamneli, Negades, Vradeto, Elati, Elafotopos, Ano Pedina, Kato Pedina, Dikorfo, Manasseh Kalouta, Dipotamo, Frankades and Leptokaria. Thirty-five kilometers north of Ioannina is located the village of Ano Pedina at an altitude of 900 meters.

The main occupation of the inhabitants is farming and tourism. In Dilofo you can admire the tallest building in Zagori, cobbled streets, stony fountains and many churches. In the northern part of Mitsikeli lies the village Dikorfo which will amaze you with its splendid natural scenery.  Enjoy the delicious dishes served in taverns. Kipoi is an impressive village with rivers flowing through it. At an altitude of 1060 meters stands Monodendri which took its name from a single tree that existed in the village until 1840. Tsepelovo is the biggest village in Zagorochoria and it is characterized by its surrounding forests.