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Samos offers numerous important attractions of all times.  According to Greek mythology, Goddess Hera was raised in the island and in Heraion you can admire the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to her.

In Mount Kerkis, you can visit the Cave of Pythagoras, where the great mathematician was said to be hidden persecuted by the tyrant Polycrates. Other major attractions include the Tower of Lycurgus, built in 1824 to serve as a fortress during the Greek Revolution, the Tower of Sarakinis, an important stronghold against the pirates and the Tunnel of Eupalinaio, to serve as an aqueduct at the time.

As for the natural monuments, the visitor may admire the Waterfalls in Potami and hike in the paths of MountmKerkis. The surrounding area with dozens of caves is a huge ecological park of an incredible wild natural beauty. What is more, the intense religious atmosphere is reflected by impressive monasteries scattered in any corner of the island.