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Cave of the Lakes
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The Cave of the Lakes is located at the western outskirts of  Helmos mountain, 17 km east of the village of Kalavryta. It is an impressive cave where during the winter months it is converted into an underground river.


History - Mythology

According to greek mythology, into the cave of the Lakes fled the daughters of the king of Tiryns Proetos to heal from the paranoia imposed by the goddess Hera. The modern legend says that 7 girls were hiding in the cave, refusing to abandon it.

In 1964, the cave was explored by the Greek Mountaineering Association, headed by Professor J. Melenti. The mapping of the cave was commissioned to Anna Petrocheilos.



The cave was formed  in carbonate rocks, because of the dissolving action of the groundwater, on 2 levels. Result of the dissolution process was the creation of an imposing elongated cave that  occupies an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. The total length of the cave is no more than 2 km. The temperature is kept constant at 15 ° C.

The area of ​​the cave houses 13 lakes. During the winter months the morphology changes and the lakes are turning into an underground river. The whole area preserves stalactites of various shapes, stalagmites, columns, ponds, sinkholes, bridges, streams work of stone, stalls, steep incline, etc.

Next to the entrance of the cave were discovered fossilized human bones and various mammals such as deer, hippopotamus, etc. This finding indicates that the cave was known during the Paleolithic Era and it was used probably as a shelter. Finally, 4 bat species are observed in the cave.


Tourist trail

The total length of the tourist route is 500 meters. It takes an average of 25 minutes in order to complete the route. The artificial entry of the cave leads directly to the second level. The lakes are spanned by small narrow bridges.



Municipal Company 'Cave of the Lakes' at Kastria

Municipality of Kalavryta, Achaia

Phone numbers: (+30) 26920 31001, (+30)26920 31633

Daily  from 09:30 to 16:30