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Greece is located at the southeastern part of Europe. It is the tip of the Balkan peninsula to the south, known as the Greek peninsula. At the North it borders with Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria and Turkey. The sea that encircles the rest sides of the country hosts more than 2000 islands!


The terrain of the country is mountainous with high mountains such as Olympus, Psiloreitis, Pindus etc. Furthermore, the water element is strong mainly in Northern Greece that shows extensive hydrographic network. The climate is continental, concerning the inland areas, with cold winters and hot summers. In contrast, the climate of the coastal areas is moderate with wet winters and very hot summers. The terrain, the climate and the geographical position of Greece contribute decisively to the existence of high biodiversity in both flora and fauna species.


Greece's population is 11,280,000 inhabitants. Administratively, the country is divided into 13 districts and 325 municipalities. Capital of the Greek state is Athens. Greece is a member of the European Union and the UNO.