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Doxa Artificial Lake
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Doxa artificial lake, also known as Feneos, is located on the southeastern slopes of Mount Helmos just outside the Feneos settlement. The spectacular natural scenery of the region ranks Doxa lake as one of the most beautiful lakes of the Peloponnese.



Doxa artificial lake is formed at an altitude of nearly 900 meters. Around the lake rise the mountains Aroania, Ziria and DourDouvana exceeding 2,000 meters in height. The lake covers an area of ​​450 acres and its maximum depth is no bigger than 8 meters.

The triangular shape of the lake is disturbed by the existence of an island less than one acre that is located in the center of the lake and it is connected with the mainland by a narrow strip of land. On the island is located the chapel of St. Fanourios.

Although the lake has a short history, it is of great ecological interest. Riparian forests and alpine scenery at higher altitudes create a unique landscape.



In the broader area is located the archaeological site of ancient Feneos. According to Greek mythology, Hercules brought the tripod of the oracle of Delphi in Feneos city  in order to establish a new oracle. After intervention of Zeus, Hercules took the prophecy he wanted and returned the tripod to its original place.

Doxa  artificial lake was created in the mid 1890. The formation is due to the dam that trapped the water of Feneos river in the basin.

In the covered surface of the lake, was located the monastery of St. George, which was transported to a nearby location before the construction of the dam.



Nowadays, Doxa artificial lake is a popular tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty. The area is ideal for hiking and cycling in one of the many trails around the lake, camping and scuba diving in the lake.