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Kotychi Lagoon
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Kotychi lagoon is located on the northwestern coast of the Peloponnese, 7 km North of the city of Lechena. Kotychi lagoon is part of a spectacular landscape that is composed by a network of lagoons, lakes, marshes, estuaries and forests.



The brackish Kotychi lagoon is formed in front of the Kyllini bay, occupying an area of ​​more than 5,000 acres. The maximum depth of the lagoon barely reaches the 40 cm.

The lagoon is fed mainly by streams, which in turn feeds the Ionian Sea with water and sediments through  a narrow channel.



The entire northwest coast of the Peloponnese, composes a wetland of great ecological value and intense biodiversity protected by the Ramsar Convention. Since 2002 the area has been designated as a National Park whilst also being integrated into the European network NATURA 2000.

Specifically, the flora around the Kotychi lagoon is consisted  mainly with low ammophilous and brackish vegetation. In a short distance from the lake grow clumps of eucalyptus trees, willows, oaks and cypresses. North of the lagoon stands the famous pine forest of Strofilia.

Regarding the fauna, the Kotychi lagoon hosts a wide variety of fish including bream, sea bass, eel etc. Finally, the geographic location of the wetland is an ideal place for the migratory birds such as herons, swallows, hawks, doves, etc.



The seafront of the Gulf of Kyllini is ideal for water sports and nature observation around the Kotychi lagoon.