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Tsivlos lake
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Tsivlos lake is located in Achaia, in a short distance from the village of Kalavryta. This modern wetland is a product of a large landslide that occurred a hundred years ago.



Tsivlos lake occupies an area of ​​90 acres at the foot of Mount Helmos at an altitude of 800 meters. The maximum depth of the lake is estimated at 77 meters. East of the lake flows the river Krathis while further away to the west is formed the impressive gorge of Vouraikos.

The formation of the alpine lake is due to a large landslide dating back to 1913. Result of this movement was the creation of a closed basin which entrapped large amounts of water and finally created Tsivlos lake. The name of the lake comes from the homonym village who was drifted in the landslide. The locals also call the lake as Black Lake.



Tsivlos lake  is one of the newest lakes in Europe. The young age does not allow the formation of complex forms of aquatic vegetation. Specifically, in the shallow parts of the lake there are some reeds while at the bottom there is only one singular hydro plant. Around the lake grow forests of pines and firs.

Regarding the fauna, mullet is the only native species that swims in the lake. In the last years, the local residents brought carp, mosquito fish,  trout and crayfish into the waters of lake Tsivlos.



During the summer months the lake is ideal for swimming, canoeing, kayaking and diving under the lush landscape of Mount Helmos. During the whole year the lake is ideal for nature excursions, mountain biking and hiking.

In a short distance from the lake are located  the picturesque villages Zarouchla, Peristera and Agia Barbara that offer accommodation, dining and entertainment facilities.