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Island Hopping
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Island Hopping: Aegina - Methana - Poros

The beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf are an excellent proposal for a two-day island hopping. Daily depart from the port of Piraeus both conventional and highspeed ferries for the islands of the Saronic Gulf. So, you can easily choose the islands you want, assess the timing of routes and organize your own little cruise. The easiest, in terms of organization, island hopping in the Saronic Gulf is the islands of Aegina, Methana and Poros.

Aegina is the first stop of our destination. Depending on the type of the ship the trip takes takes up from 35 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. The sights of Aegina include archaeological sites, monasteries, churches and historic buildings. The most famous sight worth visiting is undoubtedly the Temple of Aphaia, located at the northeastern part of the island, built in honor of the Minoan goddess Aphaia. Among the most remarkable monasteries is the monastery of Agios Nektarios, 6 km away from the town of Aegina that  attracts hundreds of believers from all parts of Greece. If our dash takes place during the summer months then the two beaches on either side of the city are ideal for a swim. A coffee or a quick walk in the picturesque town of Aegina is appropriate before leaving the island.

Taking advantage of the ferry network we depart from the port of Aegina to Methana. Depending on the type of the ship, the trip usually takes  15-45 minutes. Methana is a peninsula of the Peloponnese that holds an impressive shape. The most important attraction is the volcano which is located near the village of Kameni Chora. The spectacular scenery is composed of geologic formations alternating with pine forests. Going down to the village we can enjoy a swim in the beautiful beach located in the village. We can choose an accommodation for overnight and taste the nightlife of Methana or depart for the next island.

Next and final destination for our island hopping is Poros. Depending on the ship, the trip usually takes  10-30 minutes. By the time we reach the port, the scenic town stands in front of us. A walk through the narrow streets is appropriate in order to admire the impressive architecture of the settlement. Five  minutes away from the village is located the beach Canali. Canali is an organized sandy beach with taverns that provide wonderful flavors and occasionally offer fun with live music. The two-day trip ends with the return to the port and the departure for Piraeus.