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In Poros you will admire neoclassical buildings such as Deimezi building with grayish stone and the notorious Villa Galini dating back to 1892. The archaeological museum is located in the center of town and houses ancient findings from excavations. The Cathedral of St. George hosts Partheni's frescoes. You should visit Chatzopouleio Public Library. The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi that dates back from the 18th century provides magnificent views to the sea.

The Temple of Poseidon is made of limestone and in antiquity was a shelter for runaways and castaways. Five kilometers from the temple are the ruins of the Russian Dockyard presenting architectural and historic interest. The Royal Tombs of Magoula located 3 km from Galatas date back to the Mycenaean period while outside Troezen are the ruins of Ancient Trizoinia, while the finds are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Poros. A ravine with wild natural beauty is Diavologefyro with trees, oleanders and rich flora and fauna. Lemon Grove is an area with plenty of water, watermills and 30000 oranges and lemons. Bourtzi islet is located east of the harbor. On the top of the island stands a castle which dates from 1827 and was built by the Bavarian K. Eintek.