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A great technological monument  that attracts visitors is the old mobile Bridge dating back in 1962.  It is an ideal observation point of the phenomenon of the tide that occurs in the waters of Chalkida.  Other places to see are the new cable bridge, the Town Hall which is housed in Kochi, the Red House built by Flegkis in 1884, the Turkish Mosque which hosts collections of Byzantine period with sculptures, mosaics and ceramics, the House of Statues, the Municipal Art Gallery which exhibits various artifacts and the Central Public Library in St. Nicholas Square.

More places to visit are the church of St. Nicholas with its admirable Byzantine frescoes,  the Art Workshop which is located on St. Demetrius, the Church of Saint Demetrius, the Palace that hosts Kriezotis Historical Archive, the Courthouse, designed in 1909 by Matthew arch, the Fortress of Veli Baba and the Tower Kara Baba.

Other landmarks of the history of the city are the Roman Aqueduct, designed to carry water for the city's water supply, the Marble Fountain, the clock 'Siren', the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida, housed in a building of the 20th century and hosts artifacts of the Paleolithic period and the ultimate Roman times, the Folklore Museum, whose exhibits are housed in 3 rooms and includes costumes embroideries. At Manika have been discovered ruins of a prehistoric settlement and cemetery dating back to the Bronze Age. At Gyfas a settlement of the Neolithic era was found.