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This small island is ideal for those who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday avoiding the crowd. The beaches are few but all of them of a unique beauty. Swim in the clear waters of the beaches of Vathi Limenari and Ormos Kedros on the south of the island. In the sea bottom of the later, lies a sunken German ship after a wreck that happened during the Second World War. Also on the south, you will find the beach of Livadi with fine sand and the sandy beach of Fykios, surrounded by a rocky scenery. For diving lovers, explore the seabottom of Kalotaritissa beach, located at the northeast of Donoussa.

Visit the village of Stavros which is the capital of the island and Troulos which is the harbor. Located in the southern part of the island, Messaria is nowdays almost uninhabited but interesting to visit. In Mersini, there are two restaurants which apart from offering a fine cuisine they also offer spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. The church of Agia Sophia is here as well. All the villages of Donoussa are connected by one single road, starting from Stavros and ending to Kalotaritissa.