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Porto Heli
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Porto Heli is a coastal town in the Peloponnese and is geographically situated in the southern part of Argolis peninsula. According to the prevailing version, the second component of the name is due to corruption of the name Alieis (Fishermen). The ancient city of Alieis was right in front of Porto Heli and flourished briefly during the 5th century BC.

Today, Porto Heli has extensive tourist infrastructure while the well organized marina attracts owners of maritime vessels.

The cosmopolitan Porto Heli is the most famous summer destination of Argolis. The sheltered harbor of the village gathers countless yachts and inflatable. The options for food, coffee and drinks are countless, gathered in the coastal front of the city.

Those who choose to dive into the waters beware that the bottom hosts the remains of the ancient city of Alieis (Fishermen)! Unfortunately no diving is allowed. Take advantage of the tourist routes of the boats for a one-day cruise to Spetses or Hydra.