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Chios belongs to the islands of the Eastern Aegean. The cape Punta on the eastern coast of the island is only 3.5 nautical miles away from the Turkish mainland. The capital is the city of Chios, also known as Chora. The island's population exceeds 50,000 residents.

According to the legend the name of the island comes from the nymph Chioni, daughter of the king of the island Oinopiona. The habitation on the island starts from the Neolithic Age as documented by the archaeological finds. First inhabitants were the Pelasgians. Gradually migrated to the island the Ionians and the Aeolians.

During the classical period, Chios flourished and its residents conquered the Greek seas. Over the centuries, Chios was conquered by the Persians, Alexander the Great and the Romans. With the rise of the Byzantine Empire, Chios was an integral part of the Byzantine State. After a short period of Genoese, Chios annexed to the Ottoman Empire. The liberation of the island took place in 1912.

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